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Golden GSD and Black-tan GSD possible from same litter?

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When I got my dog, I also met his brother. That one looked like a purebred black-and-tan GSD, and it had a medium coat.

Mine has a short coat, almost lab-like coat -- and looks like either a golden GSD, or a mix.

Is it possible to get both a golden GSD and a black-tan GSD from the same little? And can one have a much shorter coat? ... Or are the dogs definitely mixes?
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AIs your dog's coat solid tan, or solid tan with maybe a black muzzle & white chest markings? If so, then he's unlikely to be pure German Shepherd. Solid tan isn't a GSD color. A genetic test could tell you with greater certainty.
His hind end looks like he's got a good dose of GSD. However, he's definitely not pure GSD with those floppy ears. I wouldn't be surprised to hear he also had Labrador, Golden Retriever, and/or some kind of hound. Nice looking boy.
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