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Golden GSD and Black-tan GSD possible from same litter?

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When I got my dog, I also met his brother. That one looked like a purebred black-and-tan GSD, and it had a medium coat.

Mine has a short coat, almost lab-like coat -- and looks like either a golden GSD, or a mix.

Is it possible to get both a golden GSD and a black-tan GSD from the same little? And can one have a much shorter coat? ... Or are the dogs definitely mixes?
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It is possible for a bitch to be fertilised by two males and to have a mixed litter. If the mother was a GSD, that would result in GSD x sire pups. So if one sire was also GSD, and the other, for example, a lab you could have some GSD pups and some GSD x lab pups.
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No, but of course with genetics, it's complicated and different physical traits may be more prominent in different pups, especially if either dog was already a crossbreed. What breed or cross was the father?
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