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Chili is 5 months old now (11 lbs Maltipoo) and slept in his crate since 8 weeks and has always held it from 10pm-630am from 10 weeks on. We still restrict water after 8pm and take him out one last time at 10pm, we've been getting him out of the crate when we get up around 630am but he's really hard to get out, he just lays there and normally I have to physically get him out, wait 5 min so he comes out on his own (then rolls around on the floor) or offer a treat. We go right out and he will pee and maybe poop right away.
So my question is on the weekends should I just wait for him to ask to go out or continue what were doing? I'd like to sleep in alittle later (730?) but feel like he should have to go but now I'm second guessing myself since he doesn't seem ready to come out of his crate. Thoughts?
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