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I have a 1 year and 10 month old, Goberian (Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky Mix), she has been potty trained since we rescued her, and we had crate trained her from the start to be in her crate when we were not home but slept at the bottom of the bed at night.

However, she has had 2 bouts of diarrhea in the past couple of months, and whenever we weren't home and she needed to go she completely destroyed her crate, her body, and the carpet underneath in our rental home. It was the biggest disaster of poop, and blood, and shredded carpet that didn't belong to us that I've ever seen. *Yes she did see a vet both of these times.*

We decided to let her roam her the house during the day, because she was continuing to escape her metal crate even when she wasn't sick. She was pushing out the bottom tray, bending the metal, and squeezing herself out to the point of bleeding and cutting herself.

The past two nights it's like we have had a newborn waking up in the middle of the night with her whining and feeling the urge to use the restroom and having some diarrhea outside too.

Then, yesterday and today we came home to diarrhea, in the same place in our house. I'm worried that I don't know what she could have ate if it is ingested because we weren't home watching her, and she wasn't in her crate.

First off, I have to say that she has seen a veterinarian for the first diarrhea issues, and we will be calling the vet tomorrow for this round to figure out what is going on with her. In the mean time, I need some help figuring out what you would do? Crate her, where she is destroying the crate and the rental carpet, and harming herself? Or, let her roam the house and diarrhea everywhere still ruining the rental carpet and not being supervised? It feels like a catch 22. :-(

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I'd ditch the show-crate & start over.


1st suggestion:
buy a used airline-approved shipping crate - CraigsList, eBay, PreLoved, GumTree, FREEcycle, etc, are all good sources.
Used will save U approx half the cost of new-retail. Shipping crates are virtually escape-proof, plus they are more durable, comfortable, & practical.

The shallow trays in show-crates are [IMO] as useless as tits on a bull; they crack, warp, rust, flake paint, crimp, flex under the dog's wt & fling cr*p out of the crate onto the surroundings, & are downright lethal when used to transport any animal.

2nd -
resell the used show-crate [the wire one] -- after flattening the door so that it's not conveniently pre-beveled, for the buyer's dog to escape.

3rd -
get a copy of Crate Games & re-introduce the crate as a calm, happy, secure space to relax.

- terry

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