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Giving Shadow a Pill

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1. Wrap pill in raw ground beef, offer him the "treat".

2. Watch him take the "treat" and spit it on the ground.

3. Pick up the "treat" re-offer it.

4. Watch him turn up his nose.

5. Attempt to open his mouth with one hand and pop treat far back in his mouth.

6. Catch him as he quickly scuttles backward.

7. Position him in a corner, attempt to open mouth and give him the pill.

8. Let go after he transforms into a mini bucking bronco, and rethink the plan.

9. Get down on knees, position dog between knees. So far so good.

10. Attempt to open up the dogs mouth with one hand, while restraining him with the other.

11. Jerk pill giving hand away before fingers get bitten, continue holding on to bucking struggling dog, pick pill up from floor, and retry.

12. Success!

13. Let dog go, get up, walk a couple steps, spot pill lying on the floor.

14. Rethink plan.

15. Hide pill in a pile of yummy human food. Pray dog does not eat around pill.

16. Success! Dog ate everything, including pill.

17. Beg for a ride to the nearest store to buy a pack of dog crack, aka hotdogs......
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Haha, that is awesome!!

When we had to give Maverick a pill, a few of those steps happened. Fortunately for us, he likes turkey, so the pill got wrapped in a slice of turkey while I had two dummy pieces he would eat before. Also made him work for it!
Whenever I have to give the dogs pills I just put it in a glob of peanut butter on a spoon, it's worked every time so far.
We put in it a piece of bread with peanut butter and close the pill in it...never suspects a thing but any other way we're in the same boat
Normally I wrap any pill I give him in a piece of deli meat, or I hide it in a hot dog, but I didn't have any when he started these pills and haven't had a chance to get to the store. I've been wrapping them in raw ground beef and he had been taking it like that but not really liking it, then this morning he decided he wanted nothing to do with it and I had nothing else to wrap it up in.

By the way when I let him go he was wagging his tail and looking sorta proud of himself LOL. I'm not sure if he was happy to be freed or just laughing at me. Either way I don't want to stress him out like that anymore so he's gonna get his pill in the doggy crack from now on.
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Both dogs I have had are like those girls that can tie a cherry stem w/ their tongue...except they can spit out a pill in ANYTHING. I can usually hide a smaller pill in a coconut oil glob on a spoon, but you have to make sure he keeps licking for a long time after the pill enters his mouth because if it 's at any point on his tongue I'm pretty sure he can get it out. If the pill is big...forget it...especially with all his food restrictions. Thank goodness he will take a children's cherry benadryl!
My fool proof pill delivery system.

hide pill in a small ball of cream cheese.
Roll the ball of cream cheese in cooked, chopped chicken liver or crumbled bacon.

Cream cheese is too sticky to sort the pill.
coating is too yummy to resist!
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