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Hello! I am looking at rescuing a puppy in a few days and I'm nervous! I have only ever had just one dog at a time and The girl I have now (Gypsy, a GSD is just now turning 1 year) is sooooo loving and attached to my hip at all times. She sleeps with me and wakes me up every morning. I take her to work with me, I take her everywhere I can. I need her as much as she needs me. but I'm worried about getting a new puppy. Will she still pay attention to me and love on me like she does now? As I type this she is laying at my feet and giving me a few licks every now and again. I don't want that to stop. She is just so sweet and I think of her as my baby!

I know if I get another dog I'm not going to be able to bring them both to work. (I can't have two medium sized dogs at the office) so the time I spend with her will be cut in half. Should I get another dog? If I get a small dog I would be able to take them both to work with me, but would my German shepherd be able to play and run around with a small dog?

I'm sorry for all the questions, I'm just nervous. I've never had 2 dogs at once and I want to make sure my Gypsy will still love me the same.
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