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Having been in your exact shoes a few weeks ago, my number one question for you is this .... Why are you getting a second dog?

Really think long and hard about that question. If the number one reason is to give your other dog a playmate, I would strongly advise against bringing the second dog home. Or at least, take some time to REALLY understand what that is going to mean.

My Riley and I are super bonded. I've had him for 5 years and he is with me as often as I can have him with. When I am home he is attached to my hip. I have had animals my whole life, and have had super close bonds before, but this one is different. He is my Heart. I've been wanting to get a second dog since we brought him home, for a few different reasons, but the number one was that I wanted him to have a friend. In the weeks prepping for this I kept hearing and seeing people say "don't get another dog if the reason is to give your current dog a playmate" but I didn't understand why that was such a bad thing. Especially if there were other reasons. But ultimately, that was the number one reason for me, and I quickly learned why they said to not do it.

Because every single dog is different, and the minute you bring them home, your life changes. Everything that you do, feel, and know is going to change in some way. Some will be subtle, some will be huge. Your new dog is going to need A LOT of attention. A LOT. New Pup will not only have their entire world rocked by going in to a new home, but now they have to learn all the new rules, learn who you and any other people in your house are, learn their place in the pack, learn what life now is.

It's already a difficult thing, but when you have another dog added to the mix, it makes it THAT much harder. Because you HAVE to devote time to New Pup... alone time with New Pup. Training is exponentially harder when you have another dog in the room who doesn't quite get that it's the puppy's time to learn. And even a well trained and behaved dog is going to go through a moment of WTF when you exclude them from training. And this could potentially break your heart to have to exclude your Gypsy. Trust me. I know. New Pup is going to want your attention, and when you start loving on Gypsy they will get jealous. Gypsy could get jealous of attention to New Pup. I'm not even going to get started on walking two dogs at once, lol - PITA. So much easier to walk one dog. At least until New Pup is trained on how to politely walk on a leash.

There are so many other ways life will change, but those are the main, I'd say. Also remember that all dogs will have to be house trained when they enter a new house, but younger dogs need to be potty trained... that can potentially introduce issues with Gypsy too. Maybe not, but some dogs have been known to regress.

My point is, if the number one reason for you to be getting another dog is for playmate purposes, really prepare yourself for the responsibility a new dog means. Because as you know, it's HUGE, and there is an added difficultly factor when you have a second dog. There is also the potential that the two won't get along, but you can usually know right off the bat if there will be issues. And typically puppies are accepted by adult/older dogs.

If I could go back, I probably wouldn't have gotten a second dog. I love my new pup, Ember, very much, and I knew the responsibilities, but I never factored in the difficulty of doing it all with a second dog in the house. The devotion time alone is difficult to manage, especially since I'm so bonded to Riley. Plus Ember has proven to have issues Riley didn't have, so how I'm spending more time trying to work through those. It's very stressful at times. But every time I look at her I fall in love, and I know that in the end it is going to be worth it. So, if you can honestly say to yourself that you are willing to deal with life changing - potentially for a very long time while learning takes place and routine is being established, and if you can look at Gypsy and ask yourself... are you willing to take time away from her to devote to New Pup... with the answering being yes, then I'd say you're OK with bringing a new one home.

Best of luck!! Make sure to update - I like hearing how things go. :)
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