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Hi. I’m trying to decide between a Doberman and working line (curious about ddr and Czech) German Shepherd for my next dog. Currently have an 8 month old female shepherd mix.

I’m really into training my dog and would love a dog I can do more serious obedience works.
medium-large breed 30-100lbs. Little to no drool I don’t mind shedding. I would prefer a dog that is medium energy with a good off switch, deterrent and guard with training so no accidental bites.Aloof to strangers as my current dog is overly friendly and will go up to anyone. I would prefer a dogthat would stay by my side but can tolerate other people and be friendly if I tell them it’s okay. I’m looking to be more active going on runs, hikes, camping, out doorsy kind of activities but also some times just stay home and relax. I have cats. I don’t have kids but plan to in the future I do have family that has kids. I’m also curious about male Gsd and Dobermans as I’ve only ever bonded/connected with females but would like a male next.

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