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What do you mean by house? Is it a crate? Is it a dog house outside?

Puppies do tend to cry at night, they are used to their mom and litermates sleeping with them, and when he's by himself he's lonesome and probably feels a bit scared since he's in a new place with people he does not know.

If you can put a piece of your old clothes that smell like you in the house with him it may help. It'll also help if you can dangle your hand near the door of the house, or place it where he can see you so that he feels more secure and less alone.

Make sure he's just pottied before you place him in there and be sure to give him 1 potty break around midway through the night so he does not have an accident.

Once you know he's pottied ignore the crying and only let him out of the house when he's quiet, otherwise you may teach him that crying gets you to let him out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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