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Hi there! I’m new here and came looking for pointers and other opinions. I want to start with, I have already scheduled a veterinary appointment for my pup due to this concern….

I recently rescued this German Shepard puppy. Poor little guy is shy and has never had human interaction, he is coming out of his shell now. My biggest worry right now is that his legs and gait do not seem normal to me, he walks on his pasterns sometimes and his back end seems very low to me like he’s hunched over. I hope his joints and bones are just growing and will be ok but again I am taking him to the vet. He was not being fed proper food, being 7 months old and they were feeding him pedigree adult dog food I don’t think he is developed the way he should because he is very tiny for his age and very skinny. Again any help is appreciated, I’m concerned he has a major hip or leg defect. Pictures of my little guy for reference
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