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Fun trick ideas and how to do them?

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We're taking a break for awhile from Goldilocks' classes, but I would like to continue working with her to develop better rapport between us and keep her brain stimulated. She's very smart and quick to learn once she understands what I'm asking but I've found some of the basic descriptions of how to teach tricks are not thorough enough to show her what I want from her. She's also kind of spastic still and lacks attention, so I don't get very much time to show her what I'm asking before she gets frustrated or distracted.
She knows sit, down, stay, come, and heel. We've been working on "go lie down" but I think it'll be awhile before that's solid. She recently learned shake paw and "watch". I would like to teach roll over and some other tricks as well, but have not found a good description of how to do so.
Any good resources?
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I have to come up with new tricks to teach my puppy all the time because she's such a quick learner. I recently taught her how to "weave" in between my legs. If you're tall enough for your dog to walk underneath you, maybe try that trick? My puppy learned it within a few days.

I found this link with pictures and a video of the end product:

With her short attention span, this trick might be easier to teach since she gets a treat with every step until she gets it, then you can start weaning off by giving her a treat with every other step and so on. Eventually you can give her a treat at the very end when you stop.

How I first started (because my pup is only 4 months old) I lured her in between my legs the first few times. Eventually I could just point to the other side with a treat and she would follow.
If you're on FB, there's a group called "Tricks and Training" that's full of helpful people. Other than that, YouTube. Sara Carson does amazing tricks with her dogs, Hero and Marvel. They're on FB as The Super Collies.

Good luck! My girl and I love love love doing tricks.
Teaching roll over isn't that complicated but my one bit of advice is to teach it on soft ground. I thought my dog on grass and then when I brought him inside he would not do it at all - brought him outside to the grass and he done it again. He didn't like attempting it on the kitchen tiles - smart little man.

Look up on youtube some tricks and ideas, there are some excellent videos and they break it down very simple, most tricks are done in stages, I think once you have a solid sit, lie down, wait/stay command you can teach anything.
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