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I take a little different view (i know, shocking right?!). The fact of the matter is, most of us have to deal with these types of encounters. So rather than let it irritate you, since that really doesn't do anything to change anything but your attitude and blood pressure, consider them training opportunities!

I want my dog to walk by a fence with dogs actively barking and snarling and carrying on, calmly. So we practice it over and over and over until she understands.

Of course, loose dogs charging you is a bit challenging. But again, it happens, so use these situations to teach your dog how you expect him/her to act.

Personally I play these by ear. If I can step in between and keep the loose dogs away, I do that. If not, I unleash my dog - which gives her a better chance to move freely, and to communicate with these other dogs more effectively. NOTE: my dog has very very good off leash recall, otherwise this latter move wouldn't be an option!

Anyway, I totally understand that it can be frustrating! Few of us, though, have perfect environments to work in, and getting angry does influence your dog too, so finding an alternate strategy is hard but beneficial...
1 - 1 of 24 Posts