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Hello, good day, or salutations as Charlotte would have said!!! She was pretty clever, I always thought...

I would like to introduce my 3...
Feora who is 7, Ocean who is 5... I have had both since they were babies. Ocean at 7weeks and Feora at 8 weeks. My newest is Sasha!! Have no idea her age, no idea nothing... Except... She is a Dane mix and has displayed some things about herself , that I need help figuring out. Her story is horrible, and that's all I know about her. She has clearly had a hard life before that as well as she has a lot of scares to make you wonder what else people have done to her. No one wants to work with her... Her issues... And she can easily be put down if in the wrong hands. So she is making her home with us as of last night. She has open sores. Her front feet hurt.... A lot... And her first vet appointment isn't till Monday... She's a good dog with all she's been through. She will have special rules to keep her and others safe.. Will need help knowing how to handle her.

I have filled out an album for each pup. In Sasha's I have posted a huge welt that is on her foot. I wish I knew what to do. She won't let me touch. I was told a glass cut? I'm not sure but doesn't look right. If anyone wants to give an opinion, that would be great. It's hugely raised.

If my first two dogs sound familiar, its because years ago, I think I might have had an account here when Ocean was a baby. But I don't remember what I went by, nothing. If it's found, I'd like to get the pics from it. But prefer to keep this one.

And last but not least... My pups do travel in style... I have a hearse for my daily driver. A mattress in the back gives them an amazing amount of room, they love it.. Particularly staring at people through the very back window... It's great :)

I would love to hear about your pups a little.. I enjoy hearing about them ;)
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