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i was tired of hearing NO from places about pet sitting my raw dogs, even homecooked was not allowed, and you know they want you to vaccinate your dog to death..and charge you an arm and a i made my own group.

Dogs,cats,birds,reptiles,bunnies,rodents,exotic,horses,pot belly pigs, fish or whatever you got hiding in your closet.

No illegal exotics.

Life is not fair, balanced or equal. there is a glass ceiling for some, locked door for others and some enjoy rainbow skies. This exchange is not about fairness. it is about GIVING. that's it. give what you can , ask for what you need. Some people will never be able to sit for others. Some members will never go away, but enjoy sitting. Some need the weekend, others a couple of hours.If you don't like unbalanced sharing. don't choose that person. simple.

This isn't Shangri-La man, it's T.O. now get out there and start connecting.
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