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Roger says, "Hello."

Yesterday, my fiance` and I decided that his kitten, which we adopted in January, needed a friend. My cats are 13 & 8, so they don't play. Fred wants to play, but he's having trouble with that whole "cats and dogs play differently" thing. So, we decided to head to one of the local shelters and take a little look-see... Sean found a little calico kitten that will make a great play mate for his Pepper. a sucker for older, sleepy kitties. They make great study-buddies and Roger was just too sweet; he followed us around the cat room the entire time we were in there and then kept looking at me through the sliding glass door between the cat room and the cat kennels.

He's home and happy now. (The calico kitten will be picked up tomorrow, as she was going in to be spayed today.) He's been great with Fred; being more tolerant than my 8 year old kitty and Pepper kitten. (My 13 year old is also pretty tolerant, but maybe a little grouchy...) I've always had cats and introduced more than a few new cats into my household over the years, but none have ever transitioned in quite as nicely as Roger has. I don't feel like I can say enough good things about him or the people working at the shelter. I'd never been to a no-kill shelter before and I have to say that the people there are much different than the shelter where Fred and Pepper came out of. They're nicer, friendlier and happier! It was really awesome to see the difference in the people.

If anyone's been considering adding a feline to their household, it is cat season! The Seminole county shelter here in central Florida (where Roger and the kitten that Sean has yet to name :rolleyes: came from) is waiving their adoption fees on cats over 6 months for the month of June. Not too long ago, the Orange county shelter (where Fred and Pepper-kitty were adopted from; and which IS a kill shelter!) offered ALL cats free for adoption for a week. You won't find a wider selection of kitties looking for homes or better deals on adopting a new friend than right now! :dog-love:
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