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I was petting Shamas and I noticed a lump on his right side...just back from his ribs. It's tiny, barely noticable. I had trouble locating it again when I searched. When I finally pinned it down and moved the hair back, it looks like it could either be a clogged pore, or a TINY tick. but I don't know, because it doesn't look like any tick photo i've seen online.

It's just a tiny lump, and a grey spek. I can feel that it's solid, but I can't get it with tweeezers to remove it. there's nothing hanging out. I did try to get a photo but it's too small to get in focus on my phone.

do dogs get clogged pores, or is this something I should worry about? I'm keeping a watch on it for now, since I can't do anything about it at almost midnight on a Friday night

I don't even know if tick season is started- the warmest weather we've had was 10 degrees for 1 day last week? then back to snow
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