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Hi, I have two dogs that we adopted from a rescue within the last few months. The second dog we adopted is a GSD mix female who helps our first dog with her pent up energy in the house. We call her a therapy dog for our first dog because she is so chill and just takes all of the silliness from the other. She has only one issue that we know of and that is possibly fear aggression, especially with men. When we first brought her home, she would often back away from people, ears pinned back, and bark loudly. She's big so this is a scary behaviour for us and the person she is directing it at. In the last couple of months, I would say she has improved. We can do "stop and chats" with our neighbours and pass people on the street without the scary behaviour.

Last night, I took the dogs for a walk and a stranger walked past on a narrow sidewalk. I had the leashes tight for control and the dogs were good with the encounter, showing no signs of fear and wanting to sniff the person. But as we were nearly passed, Honey (the GSD) reached out with her mouth and possibly grabbed hold of a dangling sweater from the guy's side. He was surprised and so was I, but there were absolutely no signs of aggression that I would have noticed beforehand. I came home, told my husband about it and let him know to keep an eye out for this behaviour. Well, this morning, he was walking them, had them sit for a stranger to pass by and, again no agression signs, Honey reached and it looked like she was trying to nip the girl's mitten.
The girl just kind of laughed and it wasn't scary.

So, I am worried about this behaviour because it seems out of character for a dog who was so fearful of people before. For her to suddenly be *overly friendly* with strangers is worrying. Is it friendly of her or are we missing signs of aggression and this behaviour is an escalation? Another theory is that, if she's no longer afraid of people, she feels a freedom with them that she's never had before? Like a puppy learning what it can and cannot do to people?

Any ideas, possibly from people who've had rescue dogs recovering from fear and anxiety?
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