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Hi! Just realized I hadn't properly introduced myself. I'm Ginger with Providence Pond Labradoodles. We've owned dogs and cats over my husband's 30+ years with the US Army, but our first Labradoodle , Angel (2007, a poorly bred Best Dog Ever F1bb), and a few years later, her brother Chewie (2012, a Goldendoodle rescue that turned out to be ALL Australian Labradoodle) made us convinced we'd forever hooked on the ALD. They're both gone now after 13 and 6 years respectively and Harper (2019, our ALD Momma Dog) will be 4 next St. Patrick's Day. Looking to get her a sister, so maybe this next year?

We're in the Houston, Texas area now, but left part of our hearts in the Austin area after several years there, and in some of the other places we've lived... Washington State, Georgia, Germany... Let us know where you're from or where you've been below!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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