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Food stolen from Animal Rescue

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That is truly awful.
When I read this and then saw the news report the first thing I thought was that "Someone's gonna recognize that idiot" & I hope they do! The amount of stuff he stole should make it a felony (I believe $5000.00 is the legal amount that makes it a felony, at least here it does....)
I just don't understand people who have no concept of 'right or wrong' and never feel guilty or feel they have to pay for their crimes..................
The second thought I had is "I bet he'll try to sell it all on Craigslist" Hahaha!!!
I heard about that. Its a great shelter too, I worked with them for a class project last year. I hope they catch who ever did this.
That's so sad. At least the footage was relatively good, someone should be able to recognize the person from that!
Quick update,
Not sure if they found they guy yet, but they got tons of donations to replace the stolen food.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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