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Food rotation/variaty?

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We switched our 9 month old pup successfully over to Canidae pure elements sea 3 weeks ago.
I read a lot on here and understand that it makes sense to rotate/switch up the food once in a while, to avoid allergies/food intolerances.
How long should I leave her on one food?
How do I rotate, meaning: If I stick with the same brand and just get other protein varieties, do I still follow the regular process of changing food as in transition within 7-10 days?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Every dog is different...............I switch brands/proteins cold turkey without a problem. My dog (13#s) is fed a rotation of raw, dehydrated raw, canned, home cooked, and kibble! She is fed her raw (3 0Zs.), or canned, every morning, and then a measured amount(1/4 cup) of kibble is put in her bowl to graze on throughout
the day. (Sometimes there will still be kibble in her bowl the next morning!) I have never had to 'transition' her slowly, so I consider myself lucky!!! LOL!
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