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Food rotation/variaty?

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We switched our 9 month old pup successfully over to Canidae pure elements sea 3 weeks ago.
I read a lot on here and understand that it makes sense to rotate/switch up the food once in a while, to avoid allergies/food intolerances.
How long should I leave her on one food?
How do I rotate, meaning: If I stick with the same brand and just get other protein varieties, do I still follow the regular process of changing food as in transition within 7-10 days?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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I have a slightly different bend on this. I have to make switches, but because one of my dogs gets bored with the taste and then will stop eating. What I do is I have one brand that I find is best for him (quality, taste, ingredients, nutrition, etc...) vs cost. For me that is Nutro Ultra. I then mix in another top premium brand in a 3:1 ratio (I buy both as big bags). When I run out of the secondary bag of food, I then get another bag of premium food that has different flavor, texture, etc... [He also gets chicken, pumpkin, and Greek yogart mixed in] This is so that he gets a different taste after a while, but still gets the overall quality that I want to give him.
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