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Well, we went to the 2nd class and it was great. I think it's something that Chloe is really going to benefit from. We started the class with some focus work, where she got clicks and treats for looking at my eyes. When we were done with that, we then worked on walking nicely on leash by clicking and treating for correct position. If she moved ahead or behind, she didn't get clicked, but as soon as she hit the right spot next to me, she got clicked and treated. We did this for a while.

When we finished that, we then moved onto working with an object. They had some Agility equipment out like planks on the floor, the pause table, the shoot without the sock, a tunnel, some jumps, hoops, the tire jump, and more. The trainer wanted each person to pick an object and start shaping any particular behavior that you want the dog to do. We picked the plank on the floor. Chloe wasn't quite sure what to do, she would just sit and stare at me, lol. I would try and lure her, but she just kept staring at me, lol. This is what we've been having to work on and was hoping that this class would benefit her to start thinking on her own. It's going to be tough, seems like she's got a lot of experience being lured, lol, and won't do anything on her own.

Other things we got to work on is Sit and Down. The trainer saw that we were having some difficulty, as Chloe seems more comfortable standing. So this is something we need to work more on at home as well. Once this hurdle is conquered, then I know she'll be ready for her CGC test.

We also got to check her recall as well. We all lined up along the wall, and each handler got to do a recall test, one handler at a time. Chloe did good with it, but the trainer had to hold her as she didn't stay. She was interested in getting back to me, as well as interested in the other dogs, lol. Didn't know what direction she would go, lol. But she came straight to me. She's usually very good with her recall with no distractions, and this was a good test for her with about 6 other dogs in the room. She did pretty good.

Well, we got home now and the girls all got a treat, a RAW Rib each. They worked in them for the last hour or so, and now Chloe is on the couch with me cuddling. She's an awsome girl, probably the most relaxed of the 3. Maybe it's because she's the oldest as well, lol. But anyways, can't wait til next week. Got some homework to work on this week, will do some work over the weekend with her, then in the evenings. Overall, very good class.

The trainer really liked Chloe. She said she really didn't realize how big she was til she got there, lol. Her comment was, "Boy, she really is big", lol. She said that she thinks Chloe looks a lot like Lassie, lol.
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