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Hello dear friends,
if someone knows a dog owner whos dog has fleas or mites and who would like to test a 100% natural product,
please let me know (simply send a short message). A friend of mine is working on the development of a new product on a 100% natural basis, which is
totally effective aganist fleas, mites or other parasites like lices in the form of a shampoo for short-haired dogs and a spray for long haired dogs.
It would be free, of course, and there would be a small gift for testing :). The only requirement is that the dog is currently having a problem with
parasites (fleas, mites, lice) and the tester would have to give a brief brief feedback.
Would anyone be interested :)? Then please send me a short message by message ;-).
Questions about it and more detailed information on the ingredients will of course be answered in advance :).
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