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Fits through fence- ideas?

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We are adopting a tiny little thing, 9lbs. He will fit through our existing wrought iron fence. The bars are 4" apart. Initially we'll use either the bar harness or the inflate ale collar, but ideally I would like to address the actual fence.

It has to be aesthetically pleasing, dh is picky about that. So chicken wire or something like that won't work. Also, it has to withstand weedeaters as our landscapers are hard on things.

Anyone know of a product that can easily be installed on and existing fence and look good. It's a huge amount of fence, so price is an issue as well.

I'm envisioning some sort of black mesh fence that is sturdy but easy to use and zip ties to existing fence?
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Heavy duty black snow control fencing might work, unless it's too aesthetically offensive. I'd test it with the gardening tools before buying if possible, still. Most garden or deer netting will not work... weed eaters will tear it.
I like that option, it would be easy! Husband wouldn't like the way it looks :(
I'd search for welded wire fencing that is painted or PVC coated (or paint it yourself). it is usually available in different wire guages and the gaps can be fairly small depending on the specific fencing (like 2").

HDX 4 ft. x 100 ft. 14-Gauge Welded Wire-308312HD - The Home Depot

Painted Wire fencing is more expensive of course.
Thanks. I have the Puppy Bumpers ordered for short term, but I'd like a more permanent solution as I can't see him filling out enough to keep him in. He's over a year old, so may get a little meat on his bones but probably not enough.
What about something like this? Deer And Poultry Fencing : PVC Coated Steel Hex Web Wildlife Fence (4’ x 150’) Since it's coated black it may blend with the existing fence enough to make your husband happy.
I've used garden fencing around my deck railing to keep my blind dog from squeezing out and falling off the 3 ft high deck. It looked decent, and it does come in various heights, but I"m not sure if you'll find any tall enough to suit your needs so you may have to stack it up if you used it to make it tall enough. The other problem with it is that when a weed eater hits it the cord tends to wrap around the wire and bend it.

This one is 28in high and sort of mimics a wrought iron fence.
How about wooden lattice painted to match your existing fence and zip tied on?
Dog Fence - Best Friend Fence Dog Fence | DIY Dog Fencing Systems

I ran across this while I was looking for ways to deter my digger. I don't know much about it and I didn't really look into it much when I realized it wouldn't really meet my needs, but it might be good in your situation.
Thanks again all. Been researching a lot today and think I have a plan. I found strip that you can add on to the bottom of the fence to help make the bottom harder to slip under. I will go ahead and get those and see if that's enough when he gets here.
Do you have a Tractor Supply or farm supply store near you? Go take a look, there are a ton of wire mesh roll type fencing products with larger patterns that look MUCH more appealing than chicken wire and are practically invisible from a distance.
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