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Hey all, you my remember me from some other inquisitive posts. I just (last friday) acquired my first dog!!!!!!!! His name is Samson, He's a Mantle Great Dane from non other than LMS Danes. I had honestly stumbled into acquiring him in a rather serendipitous way. After nearly a decade of intent and years of premeditation to acquire a dog I'm so overwhelmed by how amazing it is to be a dog owner. My first vet appointment is set for this Wednesday, I have us signed up for a 6 week puppy course through pet smart. I'm committed to the transformation of my life to meet his needs (within reason guys) I'll be changing cars this winter (currently driving a Chevy Cruz...) and upgrading my fence.

I've tried attaching some pics I nabbed of him this past weekend. He's such a Velcro dog its hard to get 12 inches apart for a decent photo. I guess right now my simple question is what is the best supplier I should be considering for supplies? pet smart, costco, menards or perhaps something else???

I also was wonder if you can recommend chews he might be excited about, got a nyla, he enjoys that to a point but honestly doesn't chew it he loves to chew concrete and re-bar.. :ponder: I do my best to discourage that kindly.

How long does it take to house break a normal 3 month old pup (weighing 41 lbs) ??? I'll think we got it down then we'll have like 3 accidents in an hour.


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