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Echo has went into her first heat!

I've always been on the lookout for any behavioural changes (as I've read that can be very common), and didn't really see it coming because she doesn't seem different at all. I only noticed because I woke up from sleeping to prepare for my upcoming night shift to see blood on my white duvet. (I guess that's what I get for occasionally letting them sleep in bed with me!)

Echo is my first experience with dogs in heat. I had always spayed at six months before. Nevy required it in her contract, but Echo's breeder discussed it with me and is comfortable letting people wait until the dog is fully grown before spaying (still a strict no breeding contract).

I have noticed the amount she bleeds varies greatly. Is this normal? One day her underwear have almost nothing in them, and the next they are quite messy. Will her first heat be sort of "weird" and unlike the rest? Also. Do dogs get menstrual cramps?

And sorry if this is TMI!
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