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So honestly can't remember when exactly we had given reactive dog classes a try, but I feel like it was 2 winters ago. Anyway the classes we had signed up for were lifetime classes so finally found myself in the position to be able to start taking her again!

And OMG today Karma just blew me away! Seems like our training is really starting to pay off! I honestly do not think she reacted once during the actual class(before and afterwards is another story though). The first thing we did was go on a group walk and karma did decent on that. She didn't really care about the other dogs, but as usual tried pull a little. Once we were about half way through with the walk we stoped and did a mini training session. There were dogs reacting right next to her(barking is probably her biggest trigger) and she just completely ignored the other dogs and stayed calmly in a down until I released her! Then we had to walk in the middle of the dogs and preform a sit/down etc and Karma gave me a lovely focused heel and did everything I asked. I seriously couldn't have been prouder!

After that we did some approach work and again she did well and inbetween waiting for her turn I brought out her mat and we did some matwork/relaxtion stuff and she did fantastic even when another dog was lunging and barking at her. Normally that would set her off, but while she did turn to look she stayed put and rather quickly reoriented back to me which she got a "jackpot" for. Last was some agility stuff and I didn't let her do a whole lot because I didn't want her jumping on pavement(seriously they had dogs jumping over 24" repeatedly on concreat I was cringing). SO I only really let her practice her weaves which she did like a pro(even if they were completely open channel weaves). But yeah super proud of my monkey and this has me even more convinced Rally could be a reasonable goal for us! Going to start asking around

ALso litterally just found out the place I originally had taken Karma to for a consult is moving closer! So might have to try and do classes with them since they were my originally my top choice just didn't work out money and distance wise...
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