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Finnish Spitz Exercise Needs

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So I was convinced that the Finnish Spitz is the right dog for my family and then someone went and shook my confidence. Someone who is more familiar with dogs than I, asked around to see if someone she knows might know more about a couple breeders I'm looking at. Apparently the response she got from them all was "is she SURE she wants THAT breed?" Part of it had to do with the energy level. Now, I'm not sure if that's because she's into certain large breeds that have lower energy levels and this one is therefore much higher, or if it's because the dog really is more than I had thought it was. My understanding was that it's high energy, but nothing like a husky and can be happy with long walks (about 45 minutes to an hour), training, play, time outside, and minimal crate time. The way she described it, they're high strung and need a minimum of an hour walk and probably more. My understanding is that if you really have a high energy dog, walks alone aren't going to cut it anyway. Is the idea that this dog is just nuts with energy from people who try to just walk it? Is it from people who want a lower energy dog? Or do I have a misconception of this breeds requirements? Pleas let me know your take. It seems that regardless of the requirements, the breeds I like, tend to have energy to burn. So, it's better to figure out how to meet the needs than to just dismiss the breed altogether.
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Truthfully, I think anyone who doesn't actually own a certain breed always seems to have crazy notions about it. People think I'm insane to own an Aussie and a Border Collie - honestly, they are not that bad. They get around 1.5 hours of physical exercise a day (that is walks, play in the backyard, and fetch) and probably an hour or more mental training.
People assume I must exercise them for hours and hours a day. I don't - I do not want to condition my dogs to NEED hours upon hours of physical exercise. Could they go all day? Probably, but I don't need them to train for that every day. :p

I think your best bet is to have candid chats with breeders, clubs, and other owners. Find other owners and ask them what they truthfully do for exercise, and look at their dogs. There are going to be variations in the breed as well, I've met some extremely lazy Aussies. :p
Are you on facebook? There's a Finnish Spitz group on there that you might want to join. You could probably get some good insight on what it's like to own one.

I'm part of a Shiba Inu group on facebook and it's been helpful sharing tips and getting advice from other Shiba owners. Shibas can be a difficult breed so people who are looking into that breed will also join so that they can get advice and insight.
I used to be on facebook, but haven't been for a few months now. I posted something that ended up in local news and decided that things can get out of hand way to easily, way too fast!
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