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Finding a good dog walker

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Hi dog lovers,

I am new to this forum. I am considering taking a dog walker to take care of my german shepherd in the afternoon. It seems like there are many companies who help connecting dog walkers and people like me. I wanted to see if anyone has used or DoggyHelpers Find a Dog Helper Near You and if you have any feedback about these services.

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Hi! I dog sat on rover for a few years and it's a great website. You can see what people who have used them before think about their services and interactions with their dog and you can set up a meet and greet before hand to see if they will be a good match for you!
I know that Dog Day Care In London | City Pups are a really good doggy day care centre and they do really long walks - the pups love it!
@BusterBCsMum - is a very good dog walker, so I'm sure she can tell you what you should look for in a one!
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We don't use a walker but we do board our girl with an amazing gal. We found her just by observing walkers in the park and when we found a walker with a style we like that suited our girl's needs, we approached her and asked about her services. Actually watching walkers in the park vs. reading their website is a much better way of evaluating choices.
Thanks Shandula :D

I'd start out by looking at your choices, check up on Facebook pages and what they post, look at their websites, see if there's stuff you like and stuff you don't like. See what their experience is, how is their knowledge on the 'modern' dog world, see if they hold a first aid certification for dogs, do they have references.

Once you've drawn up a list in your head of the ones you like, send them a message, introduce yourself and your dog, ask if you'd be able to come out on a walk with them. Any dog walker worth their salt with nothing to hide will welcome a client to come out a walk with them, I'm allowed volunteers out with me on my insurance so it shouldn't be a problem.

Knowing the things I know about my fellow walkers I'll advise you to be really thorough. I know plenty of walkers who say they walk small groups, but end up taking up to 15 dogs out on a walk. Absolutely ludicrous.

Organise a consultation with the walker, watch how they interact with your dog then head out for a walk and you can see how they deal with your dog out and about. Lead walking is something I would watch out for especially.

If your happy with everything then go for it, if something bugs you, go with your gut.
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