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Finding A Breeder

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Didn't know anywhere else to put this, so I thought I would put it here. I am starting to look for a siberian husky breeder.

What I am looking for specifically is...
A female, purebred siberian husky that is pure white with 2 blue eyes.

I am not in a huge hurry to buy a puppy, so that is why I am being so specific. I think white huskies are beautiful, and I don't want brown eyes, already got a husky x with brown eyes. Also, please don't get one me about adopting. I have looked at shelters in my area, nothing has what I want. I also want a young puppy, 8-10 weeks old, and purebred siberian. So although I have considered adopting, I have chosen to get a pup off a breeder.

Also, I am located in Saskatchewan, Canada. I would prefer to get a puppy located in the province, however, willing to look across Canada, if the breeders are willing to ship their puppies. I am not looking at breeders from outside of Canada. I also don't really have a price range. Ideally I would like to find a pup for under $1000, however, willing to spend a little more the right puppy, coming from the right breeder.

I am familiar with the siberian husky breed. I know all about the shedding, the training, the exercise requirements, etc. I own a husky x and I love his personality.

So if anyone knows of any breeders in Canada, that often have pure white huskies, please let me know! Either with a Facebook page, website, or kijiji ad.
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Have you looked for breeder referrals on the national breed club website?
Breeders - The Siberian Husky Club of Canada Inc
Generally a good place to begin looking for reputable breeders.
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