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I'd love others feedback too - Asha (5 months old mixed large breed) is a REALLY rough player. Like you describe with Cosmo's actions with Angel, it's what I see Asha doing.

She doesn't wrestle with older, more mature dogs who do not wish to wrestle back, but she is still very "in their face" which is very rude.

I try to discourage her, or call her back for some down time and a basic commands run through, but as soon as her focus is on playing with the other dog, I am nowhere in her mental thoughts. If I go over to them to try and break up the wrestle, she splits from the other dog for 2 seconds and right in front of me, will dart back to them, leading away from me so I can't actually "catch" her.

I am trying to achieve polite, respectful play and although I understand that this will come with maturity, I do not want to limit her off leash access to other dogs too much because she is not listening and being rude, as I believe that will only make her more unruly when the lead is off as she matures.

Following for some tips to the original OP that will no doubt be useful for me too.

Thanks everyone.
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