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Just for some background, I(female) rescued a male Great Pyrenees puppy from a “breeder.” He is not purebred but very close to it but I have no clue what he is mixed with. I’m assuming he was about 4 months at the time I got him (he is around 8 months now). He was extremely malnourished, lived outside, and had no vaccinations when I got him. I took him to the vet and he is doing great health wise now.

He has always been a very sweet dog. He walks great on a leash, quickly learned sit, down, paw, etc. As soon as I got him I was taking him everywhere to try to socialize him while he was still young. He loves other dogs. No resource/food guarding. He hates the crate but he does fine in my room when I’m gone and at night so it’s not a problem. I’ve worked so hard with him to create a strong bond and to become a strong leader for him so that he wants to listen and behave. He has always been a little anxious but not overly fearful until recently…

In the past week or so, he has suddenly become very fearful of everything but especially humans even if he knows them. It’s like a switch flipped. He also has become fear aggressive with men specifically. I can tell it’s fear aggression because he only does it when he’s startled by someone or a stranger. Or if someone approaches him. He starts growling and barking while backing up as far as he can with his tail between his legs. It’s happened while at a restaurant, while visiting a friend, he’s even done it to my brother who he’s met a couple times. I know my dog well and can tell he doesn’t want to harm anyone he is just scared and wants control of the situation. I’ve handled it as best I’ve could. I’ll just remove him from the situation until he calms down but it scares people because at 8 months he is already a very large dog. I don’t want it to escalate but I don’t know what to do. I NEVER hit him and I know punishing him can just make the situation worse. I don’t really know how to use treats in the situation because I don’t want him to think I’m rewarding the behavior. I thought about getting calming supplements until he realizes that he doesn’t need to be scared. A big part of me just thinks it is his puberty because I was waiting to get him neutered until after for the health benefits. He is a bit of a late bloomer and has just recently started lifting his leg and marking. Or it could be from truama from his previous “home” because I know there was a man on the property and from my dogs condition I doubt he treated my dog well. Or it could just be from improper socialization especially at that early critical period of 8 weeks to 4 months which I had no control over unfortunately. I just can’t have him continue the fear aggression because if he makes one step out of line he could be put down but I am at a loss about what to do. Any
recommendations or tips?
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