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For every day around the house training I use his ordinary kibble. He'll eagerly work for it... somehow getting rewarded with kibble in a training setting is infinitely more exciting than getting it out of a bowl.

For obedience/agility classes I like to use chopped up pieces of food rolls. I cut a piece up into tiny pieces (my dog will work for super teeny pieces) and feed what's left over for dinner.

For random short training sessions out and about or if I forget to do the food rolls I use Zukes training treats, and I cut those up even smaller. I keep some in my car just in case I need them, and keep them right by my dog's kennel to reward him going inside.

I use string cheese for conformation training/in the show ring, and only for that. He absolutely loves string cheese and will do anything for it, and I want showing to be a really fun thing for him. So I want something high value, and also completely different from what we normally use so he KNOWS what is expected of him. "Normal" treats and no show lead = sit and focus on my face when we stop. String cheese and show lead = stand and stack when we stop. No sitting allowed! It makes it much easier to progress in our obedience training without ruining things for the conformation ring.

I've never had to escalate to using it, but I save real meat such as chicken breast and hot dogs in the event I really need it. In case he develops a big fear of a certain thing or situation, a beyond crazy busy environment, something like that. Something that will hopefully keep his attention on me, and be super rewarding if the scary thing is around. I hope to never be in such situations and need it, but I like having "reserve treats" just in case.

So, I sort of have a "hierarchy" of treats- normal kibble for household training, Zukes for out and about, food rolls for classes, cheese for conformation, and hot dogs for big deal type of situations.
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