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Fact or fiction...Pitbulls

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I have spent quite a few days this last week researching Pit Bulls and everything related, including what dogs fall into the mix.
After sifting through thousands of articles and social media attempts at trying to convince one way or the other, I have become deafened by both sides of the debate by senseless, shortsighted, and closed minded information.
I am on the fence if it is at all possible to have an objective and informative resource to get to the bottom of the hysteria regarding all things Pit bull, and I think if it can be achieved, this may be the place.

I ask that all participants keep an open mind and stick to documented facts from "reliable" sources.
Personal experiences can alter the objectiveness I am hoping for but welcome these experiences if the breed is not generalized by this experience.
Pitbulls are not bad, my kid plays with ours everyday and has never been bitten.
Pitbulls should be banned because my family member was attacked!

I would like to get to the bottom of the hype. What is true and what is fiction.
In regards to questions, it would be great to have answers backed up with a source so that the source can be verified or challenged as fact or fiction by a source.

Is this a last resort or is it a case of enough is enough?

Off leash/on leash/muzzle
Restriction of breed, look, character, or does it matter?

Pit bull to dog bite
Crazy/untrained Pit bull or defensive attributes?

Got a question? Ask.
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~~From the inside looking out~~
My dog is an 11 month old bully breed mix (it's been argued weather boxer or American Bulldog), one parent is a pure mutt. She could easily be labeled "pit bull mix" by shelters and/or general public because of her appearance.

~ Negative aspects of my baby, and I will be painfully honest...
At times overly protective at the sight of perceived threats (the rake leaning on a tree for example)... will growl at shadows in the dark... given the opportunity would chase and most likely hurt a cat... VERY strong... Gets bored easily while training... dislikes men she does not know... gets WAY TOO excited to see us after being out for an hour and has knocked the kids over

~ Positive traits.... Again, I will be painfully honest by not exaggerating.
Easy to train in short lessons... naturally submissive (but most of her siblings had more dominant or independent personalities)... protective... checks on family members during thunder storms.... sympathetic... inquisitive... loves to greet new people or dogs... loyal... generally well behaved (but that one goes for any young dog with consistent positive training).

From the outside looking:
Down the road from me there is a guy who has a history of selling drugs and dog fighting. He has "pit bull" type dogs that he regularly breeds. These dogs, bark at people walking by, posture threateningly, and look dangerous. I do not know these dogs personally. They might be very nice dogs that happen to be protective, but two of the dogs have heavy chains attached to trees and one has a muzzle all the time.

~~~ That is my personal experience with what society would call a "pit bull". I tried to keep opinion out, but Mauka is my baby so you can decide what is or what isn't objective.
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I agree with all of the comments. My little mutt, who I think is a terrier mix, has a personality that seems quite similar to many of the pitts I've met. She is so passionate about everything that she can be quite overwhelming at times, even though she is less than 20 pounds... I can't count how many times she's run into me at full speed or enthusiastically jumped up at me and hurt me badly with her hard head... About a year ago, I was playing with my dog using a big flirt pole, and as she chased the toy, she ran into my leg with such force that it caused my ankle to buckle and knocked me to the ground.........My dog is just so exuberant about everything. When we visit my parents, she is so excited that she runs all over the place and jumps on the bed and all over my dad's papers and is basically like a crazy dog...... I can't imagine having a giant Skipper...... If she tried some of her antics as a 40-pound dog, I don't know what I'd do.
My 60 pound 11 month old dog, Mauka, is JUST LIKE your Skipper. I had the hose out, and she ran at the water SO FAST that her mouth accidentally bumped my hand. That was three weeks ago and it is still is tender to the touch and has that sick yellow/green look of an old bruise. She runs around like a crazy thing when she's happy to see friends. She hates to hear a child cry (like when kids fuss over a toy) and will lick the kids in the face until they start laughing. OH, my goodness, Mauka IS a giant Skipper. You made me laugh!!!
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You should report this to the Humane Society if you know he's fighting dogs and/or selling them for fighting.
I have... and so has my friend who works closely with the local shelters. They say they can't do anything because there isn't any proof. :(
Every time I drive by I try to see something, but they hide evidence.

Also, in South Carolina the living standards of outside dogs is very low, and the living conditions of these dogs live is not illegal. Ridiculous in my opinion!
KayWilson, your story hit home for me. What Maize went through is one of the things I fear. My 1/4 Am. Bulldog would be labeled "pit bull" by others too.
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