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Fact or fiction...Pitbulls

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I have spent quite a few days this last week researching Pit Bulls and everything related, including what dogs fall into the mix.
After sifting through thousands of articles and social media attempts at trying to convince one way or the other, I have become deafened by both sides of the debate by senseless, shortsighted, and closed minded information.
I am on the fence if it is at all possible to have an objective and informative resource to get to the bottom of the hysteria regarding all things Pit bull, and I think if it can be achieved, this may be the place.

I ask that all participants keep an open mind and stick to documented facts from "reliable" sources.
Personal experiences can alter the objectiveness I am hoping for but welcome these experiences if the breed is not generalized by this experience.
Pitbulls are not bad, my kid plays with ours everyday and has never been bitten.
Pitbulls should be banned because my family member was attacked!

I would like to get to the bottom of the hype. What is true and what is fiction.
In regards to questions, it would be great to have answers backed up with a source so that the source can be verified or challenged as fact or fiction by a source.

Is this a last resort or is it a case of enough is enough?

Off leash/on leash/muzzle
Restriction of breed, look, character, or does it matter?

Pit bull to dog bite
Crazy/untrained Pit bull or defensive attributes?

Got a question? Ask.
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To the original post - I just think about the breeds that have already gone through these witch hunts. Dobermans, GSD's and Rottweilers for example.

These are all dog breeds, along with the Pitbull that went through a fad stage.
There was a high demand for them, lots of BYB, mostly no screening potential owners and the typical training methods not at all suited for dogs.
Along with the fact that a lot of those dogs were not socialized, they were yard dogs and people just didn't know about reactivity like we (mostly) do today.
Right away they were labelled aggressive.

I don't think Pitbulls are for everybody, same as I think a Beagle isn't for everybody.

There is a "right breed" for everyone out there but you need to be honest with yourself and what your needs and capabilities are.
Not just say - I want a Pitbull because they are cool.
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