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Fact or fiction...Pitbulls

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I have spent quite a few days this last week researching Pit Bulls and everything related, including what dogs fall into the mix.
After sifting through thousands of articles and social media attempts at trying to convince one way or the other, I have become deafened by both sides of the debate by senseless, shortsighted, and closed minded information.
I am on the fence if it is at all possible to have an objective and informative resource to get to the bottom of the hysteria regarding all things Pit bull, and I think if it can be achieved, this may be the place.

I ask that all participants keep an open mind and stick to documented facts from "reliable" sources.
Personal experiences can alter the objectiveness I am hoping for but welcome these experiences if the breed is not generalized by this experience.
Pitbulls are not bad, my kid plays with ours everyday and has never been bitten.
Pitbulls should be banned because my family member was attacked!

I would like to get to the bottom of the hype. What is true and what is fiction.
In regards to questions, it would be great to have answers backed up with a source so that the source can be verified or challenged as fact or fiction by a source.

Is this a last resort or is it a case of enough is enough?

Off leash/on leash/muzzle
Restriction of breed, look, character, or does it matter?

Pit bull to dog bite
Crazy/untrained Pit bull or defensive attributes?

Got a question? Ask.
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I would like to know if Breed specific laws work. I am not informed enough it seems to have an opinion and want the facts. I see so many contradicting statistics but do not know how Pit bulls seemingly become the source of instigation for these laws. Breeds that look similar can have entirely different breed traits and will be subject to these laws by a vague definition of breed like "Pit bull"
BSL is just that BS for Losers. I, thankfully, live in a province that hasn't enacted such stupidity although it's been discussed a few council meetings. BSL is the easy way out. A dog breed is causing news because it mauled someone? Ban it than obviously it will stop:eyeroll:. Dog's bite - period. Were the breeds that encompass "pit bulls" bred to not back down in a fight? Yes. However, so were German Shepherds, Doberman Pinchers, Rottweilers, Belgian Malinois, and even the Jack Russell. Ironically each have been considered "dangerous" breeds.

I don't own a pitbull, nor do I know that stats on them so I won't touch too much on their traits, however BSL is a death sentence for both bad dogs and good. For instance, your dog is a labrador/boxer cross that loves everything, has never attacked/bitten anything, and would rather jump off a building than harm a child or another animal, but someone decides it looks to "pitbull"- like therefore you have to muzzle it. People become afraid of your dog, because the muzzle denotes it's a bad dog even though it's not. Your dog gets things thrown at it in the street, people attempt to strike it while you walk down the sidewalk, scream at you and your dog, you feel scared for yourself and your dog. Your dog becomes scared too and becomes terrified of strangers, of sudden movements, of outside, and then one day your dog get's out of the gate and animal services catch it - your dog is now taken from you, thrown into a shelter for an "assessment" and determined to have the "possibility to be dangerous" because of it's "breed". You have been informed that your dog will not be released to you and instead you are given a date to for it to be euthanized unless you give up your dog and get it out of the province. And this poor dog is considered the bad? Ridiculous.

This happened to a friend of my family, her dog was the best dog ever until this happened. She now lives in Edmonton with my aunt and is recovering from a whole lot of fear issues regarding strangers who are carrying objects, walking toward her, yelling, and quick movements. But she's alive, many dogs that had similar stories occur aren't. Maize still is an amazing dog for what she's endured.

BSL doesn't stop bad people from creating bad dogs, no matter the breed. It also doesn't prevent stupidity in regards to dog behaviour, proper breed selection for owners, and ownership of human error. It does however, murder good dogs just because they either are born the wrong breed or look too bully like. It only works to punish the good dog owners.

Government needs to spend more time and effort on teaching responsible ownership, positive training methods, proper selection of breeds, making new laws to prevent BYBers, dog fighting rings, dog abuse, etc. instead. Heck, if I had it my way, I'd force prospective puppy buyers to have to go through a pre-adoption class and be forced to take a test before they even get to sniff a dog.

Oh, I've dug up so articles from the AVMA that discuss why BSL doesn't mitigate bite incidents.
http://nationalcanineresearchcounci... Dog Bite Risk_AVMA_FINAL w corrected URL.pdf
Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) FAQ I NCRC

Sorry of the long response, the mention of BSL makes me mad :mad:
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