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Hi All, I am hoping to see if anyone has any idea what family dog is currently dealing with...

Background on our puppy: He is 1.5-year-old Maltese-poodle (less than 7 lbs) and is an extremely picky eater. After he refused to eat his kibbles, we caved in. For about 6-months, he was unfortunately on a boiled chicken/pork only diet (with some steamed vegetables here/there). We 100% recognize how crappy of a diet he has had, and we believe this potentially resulted in a poor immune system. He is now back on kibbles (purina pro) and is eating for the most part.

Eye(lid) issues:

Right around late Nov’19, we noticed our pup had a small-ish pimple/wart growing on his lower eyelid on one eye. My sister took him to the vet immediately to get it looked at. The vet completely brushed it off and said it was nothing to worry about. A week later, the pimple/wart bursted, there were some blood but the wound started to scab a few days later and looked like it was getting better. However, few days later, his entire upper and lower eyelid on one eye began to swell up and more pimple/warts popped up. The the situation pretty much just worsened from there on over the next month. The condition spread to his other eye and both became extremely swollen, bloody with a bunch of pimple/wounds. His eyes pretty much look like they’re rotting (eyeballs seems to be fine tho).

During the span of the last two months, we visited our vet about a dozen times. He has been on a cocktail of medications. Started off with about two weeks of Prednisone and antibiotic ointment. Dosage increased when no improvements were shown. Then he was placed on Atopica for a few days but he reacted badly to it so we stopped it immediately. After about 6 visits to the vet, they finally agreed to run blood tests, and took samples for bacterial and fungal culture. He was also given antibiotics while we wait for the test results. We saw significant improvements when he was initially put on antibiotics. There were no more flare ups, less blood, wounds were healing. We seriously thought the worst was over. About a week and half later, the test results came back and showed that he was infected with Staphylococcus pseudintermedius.

This time, we were given a different antibiotic that supposedly would fight this particular infection. We continued our routine cleans, warm compresses and medicine, however, it was as if the progress he’s made completely reversed. His eyes began to flare up again and new wounds were popping all over his eyelids. We feel super helpless as its been more than two months, and we have pretty much been going to our vet about once a week and nothing seems to be making him better.

His mood is pretty low, he doesn’t have much of appetite since he’s been off prednisone (even though we finally found a kibble brand he is willing to eat-Purina Pro).

We went back to the vet for another visit this week and they seem to have given up. We got a referral to see a more specialized vet this weekend. We are feeling extremely discouraged because our pup has been seen by three different vets now (all at the same hospital) and we have very little hope that the referred vet will be able to do anything for him.

With that said, we are not stopping the vet visits but I am curious if anyone here has seen anything like this? Any help is appreciated. I will try to attach some pictures, but they're a bit dated as his conditions has worsen since they have been taken.

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