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Exerpt from Brad Pattison book - Unleashed

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An excerpt from Unleashed.... some people see "alpha" everywhere

Alpha Dog Test
Not sure if your dog thinks he's running the family circus?
Here are some telltale sings that your pooch has assumed the role of pack leader.
  • He's always pulling at the leash, taking the lead position on walks and trying to control his movements—an yours

  • He's always jumping up on other dogs and people or growling and barking excessively to take on a dominant and protective role.

  • She hogs the human furniture, particularly the bed and the couch, and growls territorially when she's expected to share these spaces

  • She ignores you when you use basic commands like “Sit”, “Stay”, and “Come”

  • She cooperates with your commands when it suits her, but when it doesn't, she tries to manipulate you, either by growling aggressively or by showing exaggerated submissiveness—such as shrieking as if she's in pain, twirling around in circles or dropping down and rolling over like a diva who's had her crown stolen.

Watch out for any of these signs of master manipulation. They are indications that your dog is challenging your leadership. These manipulative tactics then become learned behaviour when owners have a track record of submitting and caving in to their dog's controlling behaviours.​
When submissiveness is "alpha" you know these are the opinions of an idiot
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I guess that means my dog is trying to assume alpha as he loves to pull on leash (not hard, just enough to tighten the leash a bit) I guess I better show him by growling and rolling him over on his back to assume the dominate position over him....
be careful natenqen... if you roll the dog over, make sure it is you that rolled him over, you want to make sure that he doesn't roll over on his own, he may be faking submissiveness in order to manipulate and control you... :rofl: brad pattison... pfft! B-rad patty pattison... :eyeroll:

lol. That's a good idea... I'll have to make sure it's authentic.
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