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We have a one year old Golden Retriever which we brought home when he was an eight week old puppy.
He's a big softy who loves affection and being together.

At about 5 months old he started attention seeking barking. This was bad enough but that has for some months now "progressed" into barking at everything.

We have a large garden/yard (60ft x 40ft) which he has free run of. Every morning we let him out into the garden and after about five minutes I go out with him for a play session of about half an hour. I then come back into the house to get his breakfast ready, after which I call him to come eat. After he's finished eating he goes back into the garden. Then usually after several minutes have passed he come back into the house and starts his attention seeking barking. Eventually, I have no option than to go out and play more with him. I feel that this is giving in to his barking, but at least he stops.

His extended repertoire of barking consists of barking at just about anything as and when he feels like it. He will bark at anybody walking down the street, which is just adjacent to our garden. He's even mastered the art of barking while lying down.

The problem is really bad and is driving my wife and I crazy. It is only a matter of time before one or more of our neighbors complains. As you know, GR's have one of the loudest barks of all dogs.

Any help and advice will be much appreciated.

Neil J
Our Aussies do the same thing for attention, we live in a apartment. Hope we don't get yelled about it even though my manager knows of it and neighbors are cool with it... However we still live around other homes so it's a concern for us..
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