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Sometimes the solution to excessive attention seeking behavior is a 2nd dog ... and sometimes a 2nd dog makes the problem twice as bad. Also, they may be seeking attention because something they heard or saw stresses them . Personally I favor combining "negative and positive reinforcement" for this problem... and no, NR is not punishment. The trigger can be a doorbell, an outside noise ... something that they either "wanna see and interact with" or something that "makes them uncomfortable". A doorbell ring can serve as triggers for both responses.

In the beginning you can enhance this with trials using family members equipped with treats to ring the bell. Stand at your desired point that you do not want them to cross, leaving them to their desires and then have a family member ring the bell. When the doorbell rings and dogs bark and come running to the door, block them. They want to go to the door and see who it is ... denying them access is negative reinforcement. Tell them to sit and provide a treat when they do.

Step backwards towards the door. If they stand and try and go to the door, provide multiple stimuli to discourage the undesired behavior. Step towards them and display a hand gesture such as pointing to the spot you want them not to cross (visual)* / at the same time issue a unique verbal ** command associated with you wanting them do stop and pay attention to you. When they sit, give them a reward

* visual stimulus can be to arms pointed towards them palms open or can be an arm pointing gesture as many use to accompany go to "crate" command.
** It could be a word, it can be a mono or nonsense syllable like "out" or "eh", it can be a sound like snapping your fingers (but nothing loud or intimidating as that would startle them increasing stress or excitement levels)

Repeat the backwards steps and if they move, stop, repeat the hand gesture and verbal stimuli when needed. Start to open the door and if they move from a sitting position, close it and repeat the audible and visual clues.... no treat this time. When you can open the door w/o them moving, hold the "guests" at the door and toss them a treat. Walk towards thedoigs, guests behind you while looking at them, body blocking them if they try and go around you. When past the threshold. Have your fake guests give them treats. In my experience this behavior modification is picked up very quickly.

For other outside stimuli, distraction is the key. While sitting down watching TV or whatever, pick a visual and audible cue or combine both such as "snapping your fingers" while holding your hand at snout level . When they sniff your hand, open it so they find the treat you're holding. Eventually substituting "happy thoughts" for excitement and stress will release stress / excitement levels that cause the undesired behavior.
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