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I have had a pomeranian for many years now, I got her when she was three years old and now she is pressing on 12.

Well since she's getting on in years I wanted to get a puppy to have so it won't be so hard on me once she passes away.

My sister in law's mother has a full blooded shar pei. Her son that lives with her has a dog that is a rottweiler/lab mix. accident occurred and pups were produced. I accepted one NOT EVEN THINKING of the temperament of the breed of Shar Pei. All rottweilers I had ever met have been very sweet, gentle, obedient dogs. Labs I've met were all rude and jumped and I wanted to just smack them but that was all the owners fault. Anyway....I had/have no idea how a shar pei acts.

Well apparently they're f'n MEAN!!!! I have never had a puppy so small be so down right evil.

He's about 7 or 8 weeks old and he's devilishly smart. I've had him only a week and he knows his name, the word no, drop it, don't bite, and he did know how to shake but now he's being a brat and just wants to bite me instead.

That's not the problem. Him chewing huge holes in my rug is not a problem. The puppy accidents on the floor is not a problem.

The problem is his aggression. You can't pet him without him SNARLING at you and biting. Hard. This is not play biting like all teething pups do before they're taught it's bad. This dog has ill intent behind his biting. I say no really mean/stern. I don't yell it I just make it sound mean, and he'll just keep getting more angry until eventually I have to tap him on the side of the muzzle and then say no again sternly. After this he will let me pet him-for a matter of a few seconds before he starts acting evil.

He HAS to get used to me looking at his teeth, and in his ears, and his feet, and belly etc. This dog goes freaking berserk when I touch him. I have to force him to do it but instead of other dogs and just giving up and getting the idea I'm not hurting him he just wants to rip my face off.

I would like to keep him but this attitude problem is really starting to get on my nerves. I own cats, and a pomeranian, and I have two VERY YOUNG nephews that tend to climb and rough house with all dogs. He can NOT be a mean dog. I will not tolerate a mean dog. If he can't be broken of it he'll have to be put down. However that will be some time in the future since he's just a pup yet.

He also shows...I don't know how to word it. Fighting tendencies. With other animals. Oh he does play with the cats innocently, but he doesn't like my pomeranian. He snarls at her and bites her already. She'll growl at him like a mother dog would if he is too close or doing something desctructive. But she does not bite.

When I have them outside he STALKS her. I've never in my life see a puppy so young do this. It's not play. He'll lower his head and the hair on the back of his neck and back furls up, his tail lowers straight (he has a curly shar pei tail) he snarls, and slowly just stalks up to her. She looks at him like wtf!?

When I see him go in to this I'll stomp my foot beside him to get his attention to change and then he hops around and plays in the grass etc normal puppy behaviour.

But someone can you please help me? Give me advice. Is this normal for a shar pei mix to be so damn evil? Do I have to train him entirely different than a smarter, calmer, less aggressive type dog? And if I do, what do I have to do specifically? ALL HELP IS WELCOME!!!!!!!!


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Give the pup back NOW. Why make it your problem? There as so many nice pups/dogs in pounds and shelters or well bred, health and temperament tested purebreds from registered breeders why would you perservere with this one?

Give him back before you get attached to him cause I can see this ending in tears either with someone bitten or when you finally realise you have to PTS. Unless you have extensive experience with agressive dogs and/or are going to get a behaviourist in to teach you give him back. JMO without having met the pup.

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All three breeds that make him up, are dominant. He isn't mean, he's dominant. He needs a home where the owners are more dominant and know how to raise a pup like him. He has typical behavior for the breeds that he is.

With your (for a lack of a better word) temperament, he isn't the right dog for you. And with having a Pom, they are such little dogs. It would be better for you to get another little dog, not a large dog.

Don't keep a pup that doesn't fit you or your household. It will only get worse and he'll get to the point where he will be out of control. I would either give him back or find him a home.

In the mean time, the best way that I have stopped puppies from biting is to let them bite my hand, palm down and squeeze their lower jaw. You don't have to do this really hard, but put enough pressure where he wants to let go and pull away from you. Don't let him go right away. When you squeeze the lower jaw be sure that you have your thumb behind one canine tooth and your first finger behind the other one. It's a more sensitive area as there are small glands there, so squeezing him there it will put pressure on the glands. And he will let go. Don't yell at him, just look him in the eye. if he keeps biting and or growls while your doing this, squeeze harder. You may need to make him cry. Still don't let go right away. Give it a few seconds.

You will have to do this 2 or 3 times, and he should stop and not do it again.

I would also either keep him on a leash, or every time he starts to stalk your Pom, flip him on his back, and hold him there till he stops fighting. Don't hold him down with both hands, you may have to hold on to a back leg just enough to keep him on his back. Too much pressure and too many hands will make him fight more. Don't say anything but look him in the eye. Only release him when he stops fighting and is relaxed. The more he relaxes the more you relax your grip. Be sure that your hand that you are holding him down with is on the side of his neck to under his head so he can't bite you.

Reward him for his good behavior. This doesn't mean to keep feeding him treats. Praise him with patting, give him a tiny treat or give him a toy and play with him. When he is on a leash, when you teach him something new, give him a little treat and be sure to praise him by petting him.

Hold him up side down in your arms a few times a day. (hold him like a baby) Don't squeeze him too hard, just hold him. As soon as he starts to relax, relax your grip. Keep him that way and as he relaxes, talk to him in a quiet tone and start to rub his belly. If he starts to struggle tighten your grip on him. And repeat the above. Once he is relaxed, then rub his legs and feet, his face, his belly. When ever he starts to struggle, repeat the above.

This is the way to gently dominate the puppy. You must be consistent!

Take him to obedience classes! You may find someone there that will want him or they can help you place him in a home.

Also, feed him adult food. Be sure there are no added sugars. The more grains the more carbohydrates, the carbs turn into sugar. Sugar makes them more hyper.

He is not a dog for small children. Too much stimulation for him.

Sorry for such a long post! :)

Good luck!
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