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Hello everyone!

So, some of you might remember I posted about my friend's dog who needs to have surgery on both knees. She put up a GoFundMe and was able to generate at least some of the cost (not nearly as much as we were hoping, but every bit helps!), and they are going to max out their credit card and sell some possessions to get her the surgery. However, after the first surgery she will be on bed rest for three months, and then the second surgery, and then rest for 4 months. So for a dog that will be 2 when she starts the surgery, she needs to be on rest for 7 months!
Now, while she is a mastiff and can be a couch potato, she also likes to wrestle, play, chase etc. My question is what on earth can they do to keep her occupied so she doesn't go crazy? I think she will be limited to potty breaks on leash, and pretty much bed rest for all other times. The vet is giving them a prescription for an anti-depressant and a sedative just to help.
Does anyone know any good books/games/toys they can look into?

In addition to that, any suggestions for keeping her friendly/open/well socialized to other dogs? She's had the occasional scrap with dogs that are rude to her in the past, but other than that very social - and best buddies with Levi.

Thanks in advance everyone, this is going to be a really tough year for them.
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