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Hi all my English bulldog just turned 1 & he’s always had like this lump like a ball under his ear but when he was a puppy I told the vet that he had it & she just kind of felt it & presses to see if he’d cry & she said it was okay like it doesn’t hurt him it seemed normal so now that he turned one it actually got bigger & it feels like a little hand full I believe it’s like as big as a golf ball & I press on it but it doesn’t seem to hurt him or anything he’s still playful he still eats he’s normal but I’m just kind of worried cause it actually went like a little lower kind of to his neck.
Does anyone have an idea of what it can be if it’s something I should stop worrying about cause I actually start getting emotional of just thinking about anything happening :(
(His name is Milo btw <3 )

Thank you in advance!


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