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ESA kitty

Yes, I am the mother of an ESA cat and ESA dog now.
When I return home and open the door, my cat will lie on the couch with opened belly and “stare” at me, implying me that “I need your pet”. He is quiet, never meow and hold a “welcome ceremony” once I open the door.
However, in fact, I love his silence because I don’t like endless meowing after my heavy work every day. I need a quiet place to ease my tension. Petting the furry kitty can perfectly reduce my anxiety and pressure. He acts as a great emotional support animal as he will never refuse my touch when I need him. He allows me petting and hugging and loves to sleep by my side. Also, he is good at socializing with others without meowing and struggling when I traveled with him by train or aircraft. All his traits qualify as an ESA, my therapist said. The benefits of ESA cats involve solving some problems when you apply for “No pets” apartments or traveling with cats in the passenger cabin. However, meow lovers or unsocialized cats could not perform well in airports and airplanes. It’s better to socialize the cat first before the air travel, here are some helpful tips: How to Socialize Your Adult Cat
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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