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This review is based on my own experience with one dog.

Aspen has officially been switched over to Earthborn for 8 weeks. When I was feeding Wellness, I never noticed any bad but she was never excited about mealtimes. I felt bad about the fact that she may not be enjoying her food.

I started to do a lot of research and decided to try Earthborn.

Throughout this 8 weeks, I have noticed the following positive changes:

-She eats far more regularly. I free feed and she doesn't gorge herself but I put food in her bowl a lot more often than I did when she ate Wellness. I like this because she's a very lean and active dog.

-Her odor is non-existent. She was starting to get pretty stinky before the switch. Now, her breath and body are virtually odor free. (I do brush her teeth also).

-Her coat is SO soft. OMG! Her coat is shiny and soft- I got a compliment on it at the park the other day!

-Not a huge change in her poop. A little smaller, same firmness.

I know people come here looking for food suggestions so I wanted to compare the 2 that I have tried with Aspen. Others may have different experiences but I am so thrilled with Earthborn.
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