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E-collared dog rescued from lake

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Someone in my region had a scary incident with their Aussie-doodle falling through the ice on an insufficiently frozen lake. The problem started when the dog blew through the zaps from its electronic fence collar. The dog wandered out onto the ice and fell through. Luckily, the owner heard the dog barking and realized where it was. Luckily the owner was sensible enough not to try to rescue the dog herself (a few years ago another dog owner died trying to rescue her dog in a similar situation.) The owner called the fire department instead. Luckily the fire department has the training, the equipment, and the willingness to handle cold water rescues. One of the responders, clad in a cold water suit, inched out onto the ice towards the dog. The ice broke under the rescuer too. With the protection of the suit he was able to manage the cold water dunking and get to the dog. The whole situation could have ended far worse for dog and humans both.
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How awful.

I wonder whether there was a greater risk of the collar malfunctioning because it was in the water and shocking the dog and/or the rescuer.
The rescuer would have most likely worn waterproof gloves, and hopefully the collar was either waterproof, or had shorted out, so that the dog would not have been shocked
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