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Dry food recs for older dog, now finicky, maybe pancreatitis

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Greetings all,

My female Australian shepherd, Britney, just turned 14, and after years of not being a problem eater at all, she suddenly became very finicky and has to really be cajoled to eat her whole meal. She used to eat California Natural weight management brown rice and lamb dry formula, with a spoonful of a wet Cal Nat food stirred in to increase palatability. No digestion probs, nice small stools, etc. When she suddenly lost interest in that meal, we tried other stuff that we thought would be more palatable, but haven't had much luck (though there is sometimes a novelty effect).

She had a blood test in Feb, and we took her in for a blood and urine test last week, and the results were pretty good (I think) considering her age. The urine taste indicated no kidney trouble, most blood panel items were okay, but a couple indicated possible pancreatitis. It would have to be a low grade version...she hasn't thrown up, been lethargic, or showed any signs of sickness. We don't give her any table scraps or many treats, but she follows my wife around the kitchen always looking for dropped food, and when she gets a treat (like a crunchy rawhide, or her chewable Cosequin DS) she loves it is not like she is totally uninterested in eating...she just is totally uninterested in her food.

So...while I know I am probably opening a whole can of controversy...any recommended strategies for dealing with this? We could give her boiled chicken and rice for a while to let her stomach/intestines heal (if indeed that is the problem other than just geriatric finickiness) and then try to go back to her old food. Or we could switch to something like Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dry food, or Prescription Diet I/D low fat, or something along those lines. Our vet has us giving her Pepcid for now, but didn't make any new food suggestions.

Thanks for reading, and I welcome any suggestions!

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