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Don't know what breed to choose!

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Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing great.

I can't decide between these 4 breeds, I am a first time dog owner but I really feel I am responsible enough to care for one of these dogs. I really value Affection in breeds as well as possibly watch/guard dog qualities but more so affection.

The breeds I can't decide between are:

1) Rottweiler
2) English Mastiff
3) Bull Terrier
4) Saint Bernard
5) German Shepherd

What do you guys think? Again, the affectionate qualities are really valuable to me. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Everyone! =)
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What kind of lifestyle do you have? Active? Couch potato? Are you a social butterfly or are most nights spent alone? Does it get really hot or really cold where you live? How do you feel about dog hair? Drool?
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Fairly active, not very social, seasonal temp, I don't mind a little shedding, not sure about drool but I am pretty sure I could manage it if I liked the breed enough
St. Bernard's and GSD's can shed quite a lot. Also consider the short life spans of Mastiffs, Rottweilers, St. Bernards as well as increased health risks found in most of the breeds your considering. For a first dog owner I would lean towards the Mastiff, St. Bernard, or Rottweiler. If you choose wisely from either a good breeder that produces sound tempered dogs or get an adult from a reputable rescue that has the dogs in fosters homes, they can give you detailed info about the dog you are considering to get.
Thank you, I really like the St. Bernard and Rottweiler breed, can't make up my mind.. Lol. They are both great, but since I'm living alone I really need good loving companionship. :D
I love Saint Bernards and hope to have one. I have/had Saint mixes but just really want a pure Saint one day. :)
Another thing to consider is the cost. The bigger the dog the more they eat! :)
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