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Using Dominance theory/pack leader/alpha dog in dog training is outdated, poorly founded, and irrelevant, perpetuated by pop culture and poorly educated trainers. Here are some credible sources on the subject. :)

American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior

Blog View Dominance In Domestic Dogs Useful Construct Or Bad Habit Bradshaw Blackwell

Association of Pet Dog trainers and and

Welfare in Dog Training

Jean donaldson Are Dogs Pack Animals? | Academy for Dog Trainers

Dr. Yin DVM, MS (the lady with that free shaping vid I always post)
The Dominance Controversy

Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, CDBC Debunking Alpha Theory

4 Paws University Welcome -

NonLinearDogs and

the specifics of dominance theory...from non linear and

this one is heavy, for indept understanding.
The Social Organization of the Domestic Dog | Nonlinear Dogs

Victoria Stilwell (webinar)

Articles & Studies
Karen Pryor


VIN News

David Mech

Other sites

Dogs know we are not dogs. Dogs are not trying to take over, disrespect you, plan a coup...etc. Dogs simply do what works. As does every organism. Period :)
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Not open for further replies.