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Hi - I'm looking for a little advice...
My neighbors let me know today that they are tired of hearing my dogs bark when I'm not home. These are the circumstances:
-I'm only gone for a few hours at a time.
-They are indoor dogs.
-We live in a house that we own - not an apt.
-They only bark when they hear the neighbors outside.

They don't bark when we're home - unless someone comes to the door or there are noises from outside, but we never just sit and let them bark. We have blinds that make it difficult or impossible to see the neighbors. So, when contractors are working on our neighbors deck, or their grandkids are playing outside, my dogs start to bark. They gave me the impression that they're not going to put up with it much longer... Which, of course, triggered my fight response, but I kept it in.

Should I make more of an effort to control this when I'm not home? Like a white noise machine or something - or should I stand my ground and tell them to get over it (since I know they are not constant barkers and are never left alone for long, and never while outside)?

Thanks for any advice!
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